Metal Roof Coating Systems

Metal roofing systems are a popular choice for many commercial buildings in New Jersey.  There are many advantages to a metal roof system.  It is light weight and can be applied on a pitched rafter.  Some of the down side to metal roofing is that over time it starts to rust and has many penetration points to leak from.  Metal Roofing can be difficult to replace and leaves a structure very exposed during replacement.

Campbell Exteriors has had great success using a variety of Roof System Coatings to restore metal roofs in New Jersey.  Our roof coatings allow the existing structure to stay in place and the business to continue running during restoration.



Metal Roofing Coatings help companies like Conklin become the largest manufacturer of roof coatings by volume in the world today.  Companies like Conklin have helped pioneer the roof coatings system going all of the way back to before 1977.  These style coatings are designed for strength and longevity. Metal Roof Coatings are engineered for exceptional durability and tensile strength. They have leading-edge elastic properties and are resistant to strong wind, hail, solar deterioration & more!


Companies that apply Metal Roof Coatings work hand in hand with The Energy Star Alliance to develop LEED building products.  Metal Roof Coatings are most often chosen as the premier product to offset carbon footprint and reduce operational costs for major facilities. These coatings form attractive, seam-free, energy-efficient top layer. The new membrane is white, cool roof and it can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s heat. Metal Roof Coatings can give you as much as 30% yearly A/C cost saving and are ENERGY STAR® & LEED Green Building certified


Metal Roof Coatings can relieve the burden of traditional roof replacement. Take into consideration the process of traditional roof replacement and you will rest easy knowing the benefits of a roof restoration with our roof coatings. These coatings can avoid the liability involved with roof tear-of and there is no need for tear-off to get project up to code. They don’t count as another layer in most building codes and there is no negative effect on building’s structure

Considering A New Shingle Roof?

Metal Roofing Coatings are a common way to protect your metal roof in the United States. Many times metal roof coatings can extend the life of your metal roof until you are ready for a roof replacement. Contact us for a free inspection you find out if roof coatings can work for your metal roof!

Metal Roof Coatings Specialists

At Campbell Exteriors, we believe in the products that we install.  Our partnerships with companies like Conklin Roof Systems are a paramount part of our success. These companies allow us to provide premium products to our customers with piece of mind.  We have save thousands of property owners from purchasing an over priced replacement roof system.  Our roof restoration process can save you up to 50%.